Push your milestones forward

setting up your freelancing

When starting as a freelancer, you should keep some things in mind. Together we make sure that your freelancing strategy is ready to go! We go through the process step by step and develop your strategy. As my client, you benefit from my more than 20 years of business experience, including 13 years as a business consultant. I´m ready to support you in the best way - are you prepared to lift your freelancing to the next level?

How to Start & grow

Even before starting as a freelancer, you'll need to make some strategic decisions. But also, while running your freelancing business, you'll need to keep your freelancing on track. The market is on the move - so should your freelancing business. To make sure you decide on the right changes, a freelance mentor will give you great support. I'm ready to back you up whenever you want to get long-term business experience-based and objective advice.

Freelance Mentoring

Did you know that all successful freelancers have a mentor? But why is this so important? Firstly, a mentor has many years of experience, and you benefit from this knowledge. in addition, a mentor is neutral versus family and friends. This fact enables an honest and objective assessment of the situation. As your mentor, I am always at your side and am both your accountability and sparring partner.

Choose the way you wish to work with me on your freelancing career.

Online Learning Hub

Programs & Kits

My online programs bridging knowledge gaps and guiding your next steps. Gain access to valuable resources like templates, checklists, and white papers. Both include valuable one-on-one consultation sessions with me.

Consultation session

book flexible

In our sessions, we’ll strategize your decisions, set up your freelancing business, and craft your career path. I’ll address challenges you’re facing and provide targeted guidance. Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!


3 or 6 sessions

Opt for a 3 or 6-session bundle for a special deal and comprehensive support. We’ll identify your top skills, design your strategy, and tackle your current challenges. Let’s strategize for your freelancing success together!


12-month program

Unlock 6 strategic sessions and enjoy limitless email support for constant guidance. With 6x 1-hour consultations and email access, this mentoring program propels your freelancing career forward!


However you decide, I´m looking forward to helping you push your milestones forward!

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