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Draw up your freelancing strategy and set the course for success!
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No idea where to start from? No worries- I´ll back you up!
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Let´s create your roadmap and push your milestones forward!
Get your freelancing set-up and start successfully!
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Create your rock-solid freelancing strategy!

I´m a business consultant and mentor for freelancers.

When setting out as a freelancer, of course, you would love to start immediately and catch the first clients – but did you know that you need to make some strategic decisions before even getting started? 

There are many things to consider when starting as a freelancer. So take your time to design your rock-solid strategy. 

Have you already started as a freelancer and found that your freelancing is slow?

In this case, I recommend revising your freelance strategy. Check back to see if all parts of your business model fit smoothly together – did you mix up some information?

Whether you have already started or are coming up, the most important thing is ensuring that your service needs to solve an existing problem. But also a clear understanding of your target group, their expectations, key factors, the revenue model, and other points are things to consider when designing your freelancing strategy.

I´m happy to back you up in drawing up your freelancing career and guide you through all the steps on your way.


Become the freelancer you want to be!

“I love to support my clients in setting up a rock-solid freelancing business. Seeing how my clients make their dreams into reality is way more than just a job.”

Birgit Heidenreich

What My Clients Say

Direct and straight-talking advice. A personal approach without sugar coating. You get all the basic steps you need to set yourself up with a successful start with useful translations and templates. You also get advice about specific questions you have regarding your particular situation.
Direct and straight-talking advice. A personal approach, without sugar coating. You get all the basic steps yo
The workshop '5 steps to self-employment - basics & rules' offers a quick introduction to the self-employed world and provides essential business and organizational knowledge. Anyone with previous knowledge or particular questions that have already emerged from their business will find a link to an in-depth discussion. With her knowledge, the entrepreneur Birgit Heidenreich can also answer questions from her practical experience and offer further assistance.
I highly recommend consulting hours with Birgit! Her ideas and advice are more than solving a single problem. She´s thinking outside the box and is very passionate about her job.
Well-founded advice and support during our founding and implementation process. The recommended contacts to other experts were also great tips. If we need further consulting and coaching, we will be happy to return to Birgit!
Michael & Peter
Birgit has helped me go from zero to READY TO GO as a new entrepreneur in Germany! She is friendly and extremely helpful in navigating the bureaucratic system, and I'm grateful for her comprehensive services, patience, and professionalism.
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What I Do

Setting up your freelancing

I back you up in setting up your freelancing. Together we´ll create your rock-solid foundation. We´ll draw up your strategy by designing your business blueprint.

Strategic decisions

I support you in making strategic decisions for your freelancing to start and grow. You´ll benefit from my long-term business experience as a business consultant for freelancers.

Freelance Mentoring

Would you like to start successfully as a freelancer, or did you already get started, and now you´re searching for the best support to get your freelancing a success? With my 12-month mentoring program, you´ll push your milestones forward.

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